Psychometric Tools & Programs

Need data to assess who needs to be hired, the culture you want and who should be developed in your company?


Often challenges within an organisation are created or due to people challenges. People Insight uses different tools, when necessary, for consulting and coaching to help understand people differences. These include psychometric assessment tools, culture shaping diagnostics and influencing criteria. 


The California Personality Inventory 260 (California Psychological Inventory®) is a psychometric assessment that provides descriptions of an individual as if he or she were being described by objective and knowledgeable others. The descriptions address interpersonal style, approach to leadership, values, and motivation within a work environment.


The 16PF (16 personality factors) is a psychometric assessment based upon 35 years of research. It reflects personal strengths relating to an individual’s certain behaviours that may contribute to success, happiness and productivity.

People Insight - Psychometric Testing

The Power of Influence

  • Do your managers or developing leaders have challenges influencing others?
  • Are some of your leaders pushing their teams, stakeholders or prospective clients too hard and others not hard enough?

In today’s work environment, leaders need to understand how their language motivates and influences their team, customers’ and stakeholders’ behaviour.

The Power of Influence is a 6-month program for executives, new leaders or anyone who has a key role to influence another. The program addresses real time influencing scenarios and has direct impact upon an executive or developing leader’s self-awareness. Participants undertake real time practice of techniques in the way they  communicate to influence and achieve measurable outcomes in alignment with company/department goals and KPI’s.

People Insight - The Power of Influence Program