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Renumeration & Benefit Philosophy

  • Does your organisation have a philosophy and framework of how to pay and reward your employees?
  • How do you make decisions around noncash benefits and bonus programs?

People Insight has a structured process to assist you in the decisions regarding the way you reward your employees in order to make it cost effective for the company as well as meaningful for your employees. Our process provides prompts and questions for senior management to consider for job grading and compensation for high performers and employees in critical roles.

People Insight - Renumeration & Benefit Philosophy
People Insight - Performance Management

Performance Management


Setting a goal establishes a path for an employee to take and complete. However, more than ever before, the performance review  is being criticized in the way employees feel demotivated and managers do not know how to have a meaningful conversation.

Whether you wish to update your annual performance review process or help managers in having regular feedback sessions, People Insight can support you in consideration of what is important to your company. 

Speak to us about new ways to improve  your employees performance and ways in which to measure and reward. Build a new and improved feedback program to help managers coach and develop their teams.

People Insight will provide you with innovative ideas and strategies to support time challenged managers to gain high performance through motivated and passionate employees.