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General HR Advice

Human capital issues can be complex due to the situation, the law, change and sometimes the people that are involved. People Insight helps leaders with advice whether it is a quick alignment or more detailed requirement.

Retained HR Services

Your business has just begun, you are growing or changing the way things are done and need help on a regular basis. Once a week or once a month  People Insight is your HR support when you need it within hiring, training, assessment or policy development. Call us now to find out more about the retained HR services we can provide you with.

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Building the HR Strategy


Developing an HR strategy that embraces your company culture, its values and attracts people is critical. Recognizing how programs, interventions and support link together can assist your company in achieving its goals in order to be successful.  People Insight can help you to develop an HR strategy that is aligned with your company goals, achieves employee engagement and holistic in all areas that affect the people who work with you.

  • Brand
  • Company Culture
  • Company Goals
  • Employee Engagement