People Insight - Change Management

Change & Restructuring

Do you have a major change project that will affect your team and you are unsure of where or how to start? Or do  you want to know how to actually make the change regarding manager communication scripts and logistics?

People Insight - Change Management & Restructuring

Change Management

  • Outplacement & Career Transitioning
  • Restructuring & Organisational Design

People Insight recognizes that it is the people that can create the challenges when undertaking change projects. We can support you from inception to completion whether it’s a merger, a technology change or  a restructure.

People Insight enables you to achieve your project targets and most importantly retain employee engagement throughout the change process. We can provide advice as well as actual templates, scripts and training in all areas that involve change.

People Insight assists your company with a change strategy that involves restructuring, including the communication,  the logistics on the day plus training your managers so the message is well received and understood by employees. We can work with management to redesign the organisation’s structure where necessary.

People Insight supports management as well as employees in the provision of outplacement counselling and support, project management of the restructure and addressing employees’ needs who are remaining in the organisation.