The BrainWave Program

Master Mind Matters for Aspirational Performance

Greater efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved through understanding how the brain works.

At the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, and leadership is a key that will unlock a series of paradigm shifts that your leaders can make. And through careful insight, results will happen, improvements will show, and things will get done.

The Brainwave Program focuses on:

– The way executives lead, addressing their understanding of how their mind impacts effectiveness and success.
– Unlocking information about initiative and education by providing insight and techniques to understand one’s self through reflection.
– Directly mentoring executives to gain a deeper understanding of the way they regulate their work patterns react to the challenges around them.

A Mind For Profit

Innovative CEOs are seeking executives with ‘a mind for profit’ who are actively invested in positive changes and company success.

Too often these executives are stuck working in the mundane. Feeling overworked and overwhelmed they are unable to provide any forward focused contribution.

The BrainWave Program is designed to unlock Executive Potential. This innovative program is a comprehensive solution that leverages the latest in neuroscience-powered leadership research to transform top exectuives into strategic powerhouses.

Using a neuroscience and  psychological lens The Brainwave Program looks at psychological safety within the organisation for the team and leader providing immediate insights that may be causing barriers to the leaders own and company’s success.

At the beginning of the program, leaders will understand why it’s crucial to

– STOP outsourcing problem-solving and deep thinking to technical leaders in the business recognising that this is an executive leader’s most critical and important attribute
– STOP being technically focused and move to being a solution focused high contributor working with the CEO on long-term strategic goals
– STOP spending large amounts of money on training and coaching and seeing no changes instead consider the executive team’s ability to adapt to change and long-term focused goals

At the end of this program, executives will determine how to

– Drive success from a strategic, innovative and holistic process
– Build skills through interactive and motivational real time activities
– Recognise the power of being solution focused by keeping the brain in mind

The L.E.A.D. Catalyst Model

The L.E.A.D. Catalyst™ Methodology brings productive change to a team of senior executives through the lens of neuroscience-powered leadership. There are four elements that deliver key company benefits:

- Lead senior executives to a Strategic perspective with a focus on the long term
- Educate them in a Holistic view to consider the company as a whole
- Accelerate their thinking toward Innovation and success
- Develop their Agile skills from a cognitive, people, and mindset perspective

Companies with executive teams embracing this methodology have been proven to achieve greater results over sustained periods.