The Power of Influence

Influencing with purpose is the driving force behind achieving success in leadership

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Focus on your business and leave the people management to us

The BrainWave Program

Master Mind Matters for Aspirational Performance

About People Insight

Let us handle your people management so you can focus on growth.

People Insight helps leaders maximise performance and orgnisational development by providing high quality and cost-effective leadership programs and solutions.

Whether its HR consulting in change, performance or compensation, interim HR management or thought leadership and public speaking. Taking the hassle out of HR and allowing you to  focus on what matters most – your business.

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People Insight - Outsourced HR

Outsourced HR

Do you need help with managing or undertaking certain tasks in your HR department? People Insight can provide a consultant to you on or off site.

We know that often business’ may not be large enough for a full time HR person or you might have a task that needs to be undertaken that is outside your  HR teams expertise.  Whether it is an adhoc requirement or on a regular basis let us partner with you to help you be successful.

The BrainWave Program

Unlock Executive Potential with the Brainwave Program. This innovative program leverages the latest in neuroscience-powered leadership research to transform your top executives into strategic powerhouses.

With this comprehensive solution, you’ll see:

  • Executives elevated to unlock greater efficiency and move beyond the status-quo
  • Tools to support and adopt a mindset for success, and the ability to reset strategic goals
  • Improvements in the individual’s personal confidence and self-awareness, strengthening the team
    dynamic and promoting collaboration
  • Enhancement of current skills, and discover new ways to foster proactive leadership
People Insight - People & Culture
People Insight - Change & Restructuring

Change & Restructuring

Increasing the probability that company change will succeed is affected by what change means to different people in your business.

People Insight can assist in all areas of transformational company change and how it relates to employees and stakeholders. Whether it is developing the strategic plan, workforce criteria, check lists, management scripts, employee notifications and communication planning we partner and assist you to achieve your goals and outcomes.

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Chats that Click

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The Power of Influence

The Power of Influence

Influencing skills in business remain a highly desired competency for those that need to be successful in any organisation. This competency becomes critical when working online and from home; the power of influence addresses the way we speak to one another recognising...