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Aiming to be a high performance organisation with an outstanding great culture?

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People Insight helps you in all of your HR requirements. From advice to project support we provide insight into your people requirements.

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After working and leading HR functions throughout Asia Pacific, Amanda Oldridge established People Insight to support organisations in all areas that involve people.

Amanda and her team have deep experience in areas such as Transformational Change, Leadership and Talent Development. From coaching an executive or working with HR to develop a succession plan People Insight provides support that is of high quality, specific to the requirement as well as being cost effective.

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People Insight - Outsourced HR

Outsourced HR

Do you need help with managing or undertaking certain tasks in your HR department? People Insight can provide a consultant to you on or off site.

We know that often business’ may not be large enough for a full time HR person or you might have a task that needs to be undertaken that is outside your  HR teams expertise.   Whether it is an adhoc requirement or on a regular basis let us partner with you to help you be successful.

People & Culture

It is critical to find the right employees with the skills, mindset and desire to undertake a job as well as grow within the organisation.

People Insight uses the diagnostic tool Culture Shaper, the Power of Influence suite of programs plus psychometric tools  to build success for companies who need support in selection and development of employees and managers.

People Insight has experience in selection, development and engagement. From the interview process to developing programs for talent and succession we can assist your company in hiring, developing and retaining people who are fully engaged in your business.

People Insight - People & Culture
People Insight - Change & Restructuring

Change & Restructuring

Increasing the probability that company change will succeed is affected by what change means to different people in your business.

People Insight can assist in all areas of transformational company change and how it relates to employees and stakeholders. Whether it is developing the strategic plan, workforce criteria, check lists, management scripts, employee notifications and communication planning we partner and assist you to achieve your goals and outcomes.

Latest News

Culture Shaper

Culture Shaper

People Insight Pty Limited is delighted to introduce Culture Shaper to its list of tools and programs being offered to help companies in building and sustaining a desired company culture. Culture Shaper is a Culture Development Program consisting of tools and methods...

The Power of Influence

The Power of Influence

Influencing skills in business remain a highly desired competency for those that need to be successful in any organisation. This competency becomes critical when working online and from home; the power of influence addresses the way we speak to one another recognising...